A heart-warming initiative for the elderly

heartwarmingVeslag van een geslaagde personeelsdag voor medewerkers van Rabobank International.

On Thursday 15 October, our colleagues of the IS&D Finance IT department went on their yearly outing trip in a slightly different way. By giving the event a social touch they offered eldery people of two nursing homes in Utrecht a memorable day by visiting “Palace ‘t Loo” in Apeldoorn.
Along with the organising company ‘Charity Events‘ the idea took shape to help elderly people fight loneliness. Rabo Foundation supported the departments’ initiative all the more because of the  cohesion with their sponsoring the following project. October 1 marks International Day of Elderly, called by the “Nationaal OuderenFonds” as the Forget-them-not Day. This year a


project, ‘the Unforgettable Days’ was launched and among those who sponsored the project were Rabo Foundation and the “Sponsor Bingo” Lottery. On 1 October ten busses were donated, the so-called “unforgettable day-busses”, offering elderly people the opportunity to make trips with an attendant.

A total of 35 elderly people from the two nursing houses “de Bijnkershoek” and “Zuylenstede” joined the department on their trip to the Palace as part of the afternoon programme. It was for sure an unforgettable day and an employee of the nursing home Zuylenstede complimented the intitiative, “Most of our residents are women and they really enjoyed being in the company of the gents of Rabobank. Contact was easily made, yet due to the absence of the usual well-known attendants.”  
She added, “The programme, opening with a quiz and coffee, soft drinks, cakes and sweets being on hand in the bus was an excellent start. At first I was concerned about the long walk in front of the Palace but some ladies were even pushed ahead sitting on their ‘rollators’, what a creative solution indeed. The ladies were so thankful for the companionship, friendliness and entertaining of your employees that I had to ask what they thought of the Palace. The answer was luckily affirmitive; impressive and a good choice.”


Many colleagues enjoyed the event just as much. Most of all, the interaction between staff and the elderly people was surprisingly fun. One of the staff members commented, “what effort is it really when you are about to undertake something amusing with your department to bring someone else along and enjoy it all the same!.”

The event was concluded with an evening programme exclusive for staff of IS&D Finance IT including a nice dinner and a music pop quiz.

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